Competitive Factoring

You want to hit the road with a tank full of fuel and a load on the way, right? We make that easy with same-day funding. Talk to us about factoring when you sign up for your authority today.

Cash Flow: Keeping Things Moving

The most important thing you’ll do in your new career as a carrier is to keep the cash flow moving. With freight brokers often paying invoices as late as net-30, net-40, and even beyond net-60, it’s difficult to fill your tanks today. Freight Funding eliminates the waiting game. We offer same-day funding to our clients so they can stay in the game and haul every day.

About Easy Truck Authority

Easy Truck Authority was founded out of necessity to provide trucking companies with the tools they need to overcome any obstacle in the trucking industry. The big one is getting carrier authority. We take care of every step to provide a hassle-free turnkey solution to our clients. 

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